Fundraisers everybody loves!

So easy to do!

Earn $$ money $$ for your school
throughout the school year!

Find out morewhat PTAS have to say

Why PTAs Love Us

  • We handle all the marketing and registrations for each Spirit Event so you don’t have to
  • 50% of ticket sales goes back to your school
  • We donate Spirit Event tickets for auctions & raffles and your school makes additional 50% of the proceeds off the remaining full ticket items
  • Spirit Events are held at the center near your school
  • There is no risk to signing up- no fees or minimums
  • After each event, your school receives a digital collage with all the kids in their activities with your school logo.

Check out one of our Spirit Events in this video!

What our PTA Partners have to say…

“We are thrilled that our community enjoys these events and that we can utilize the funds raised to benefit the school and staff.”

“Scheduling Spirit Events has been an easy and wonderful experience! Feedback from students and parents has been so great that we had three events here in one semester and plan on scheduling more in the future”

“This partnership has been tremendous and we will certainly continue it as it has been a breeze from start to finish.”